The history of the Electric Skateboard

This review is for electric skateboards – motorized skateboards and not electric scooters. Get this one thing straight an electric skateboard is not an electric scooter – motorized scooter or whatnot. It is a whole different level of board culture. Scooters have a big stick in front of them to hold onto. Skateboards are freedom incarnate for those of us that love to flow.

electric skateboard in action

My qualifications for these reviews is basically growing up around the California board culture. I have been riding skateboards since 1976. Being a Los Angeles Native it really is a part of this culture. I also have no endorsements or get any payment for this. It’s just a hobby and I teach Yoga in Los Angeles. If you want a review of cheap electric skateboard contacts me through my Yoga center site Earth’s Power Yoga in Los Angeles. Shipping and all return shipping costs will be paid for by the manufacturer. I don’t accept monetary payment for the powerboard reviews on this site aside from the google ads which equals basically enough to cover expenses of renewing the site.

Some of the first motorized skateboards were basically lawnmower motors and chainsaw motors, technically engines attached to skateboards like this one. But they are kind of awkward in that having the motor on the back throws off the balance a lot. I remember these as far back as the late 1970′s.

I have skated Marina Del Rey Skatepark. Big O, Skatercross and a few others. These boards are all great in their own ways and all have pros and cons.

Before I start I want to Thank Dan and Dave at E-glide for taking care of me when my Electoboard was down and Ilan Sabar at Metroboard for helping me Hotrod a custom board that was a piece of junk before being metrofied. Now it is a great board and worth all the time and effort.

As a general rule like most things, you get what you pay for. Tradeoffs for strength are usually sacrificed for weight a really strong board that can go downstairs will weigh 60 pounds. Long-range requires more cells in your battery and equal more weight. A really light and cheaper board usually has less power, range and top-end speed. Freedom of a Radio Frequency wireless controller may sacrifice safety but at this point in 2018, I think they have worked that out. My Bluetooth controller never has an issue. In the past when your throttle gets interference you can take a fall at relatively high speeds, 20 miles per hour plus. One time years back my friends Exkate controller started controlling my Exkate electric skateboard and that was not fun. I have heard some other stories. Skateboards at high speeds are dangerous. If you want a really safe sport, stick to Yoga or hiking as a Yoga teacher I can tell you Yoga really is one of the safest activities around.

affordable electric skateboard

Braking is usually really good on almost all the boards. One thing about regular skateboarding is there are no real brakes other than your feet. With Electric skateboard, you have really good brakes. A major plus in my opinion.

The motors on these boards are pretty strong and last a long time its really the electronic brains that are hard to source/replace and usually the first to go bad. In my almost nine years of experience with power boarding what has always kept me from riding is the controller. If a company folds you could get the Curtis 1208 for $150 at best and you also need a controller programmer for a whopping $200. For that money, you could just about buy a whole new board for a hundred more the throttles are usually 5k ohm potentiometers which are cheap pots available at most electronics stores but you have to know how to wire stuff up to fix them. Or you can rebuild them, these guys at fsip motor controller rebuilders can do the job.
It may be wise to get a better charger. A typical issue is a charger goes bad and then the batteries fry then they fry the electronic circuit board, motor controller. This has happened to me twice now in 9 years. I end up having to do a full overhaul. New batteries, new controller and then I might as well just replace all the wiring at that point because the board is already apart. The lead-acid batteries like to be charged constantly and they like to be in cooler weather. They also like to be replaced every two years.

The greatest thing electric boarding has helped me with is being able to practice switch stance for Kiteboarding and to help strengthen my legs for Earth’s Power Yoga in Los Angeles and the cost fuel ratio is between 1200 and 1500 miles per gallon in a fuel-electricity conversion comparison. Remember in most city’s the grid still burns fuel. The fuel is way off in some remote area usually. You can get solar chargers for these as well but they are costly and may not be practical unless you own your own home.

You see one of the drawbacks about electric skateboards in the past is most of them are extremely heavy and as a result felt like a riding platform and not a skateboard.

This just isn’t an issue with the metro board. Unlike the other boards out there I can easily kickturn the metro board without strain. That makes for really easy city riding and you know it’s hard to put into words but it just feels right. Finally, a powerboard that really rides and feels like a skateboard.