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Solar smartphone charging station – how it works

In case, you run out of your cell phone battery, just send an SMS and get your battery instantly charged with solar power. Read about this very interesting future technology, which going to knock at your door, in coming days.

Solar power based remote mobile battery charging technology

Remote cell phone charging station

Just the way you get re-charge your prepaid mobile SIM, a new future technology is arriving to market, for allowing you to charge your battery, just by sending an SMS. This is an advanced solar power technology solution for the people, who usually travel outside of their home and offices and for the people, who live in off-grid. In future, such people can send a request message to a remote cell phone charging station, which in response will charge their system battery, instantly.
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How solar power station works?

This is a solar power based technology, where in a remote station, huge storage of solar energy will always be ready to charge users’ smartphone batteries. The technology is developed by the company – Buffalo Grid, which has already developed such a solar power cell phone charging station. This 60-watt power station gets automatically activated on receiving a charging request message, and in response, it starts re-energizing the mobile battery. The solar power panel energizes your system battery via a technique named as – Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). As per reports from ‘NewScientist’, the company has already conducted such experiments in Uganda. Solar technology is going to rock the market in coming days. Recently another company namely WeWi communication has announced a solar power based laptop – Sol that will come with 4 full sized solar charging panels and capable to run directly in sunlight even with removed solar batteries. 

Applications and future benefits of solar technology

  • – For now, the company has specifically designed this technology only for rural areas of Asia and Africa. This technique will be highly useful for the people living in the developing areas of these countries, where there is no electricity facility has been arrived, even now.
  • – In future, the technology will also be used for high hill areas and polar zones, where it is very hard to lay electric cables.
  • – The space station and future space travelling have already been planned to be powered up by solar technology.
  • – Remote charging of cell phone batteries by solar energy is just a start. Hopefully, in near future, we may also find our vehicles and boats fueled up with solar energy of remote solar plants. 

The last anticipated application is based on the theory of Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a genius scientist, who had given the idea of wireless communication and invented the actual electrical system know as alternating current (AC). In past, he wanted to charge vehicles, ships and other equipment by his electromagnetic generating tower. 
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