How to buy the right Pocket sized Wi-Fi HotSpot router?

Do you know how to buy your most suitable Wi-Fi pocket Hotspot router? Read which features you need to check and ask from yourself and salesman on Wi-Fi Router store.

Pocket sized Wi-Fi HotSpot routers

Gone are the days when you need to use separate internet connections on every device for accessing internet. Today, we can use a small pocket router for connecting many Wi-Fi devices in a small office network or travelling outside. 

Hence a Wi-Fi hotspot device can be the best and affordable solution for any small set up. In future, such hotspot devices will play vital role while using internet connected driverless IOT cars also where different devices in cars will be connected together. But do you know how to buy your most suitable pocket Wi-Fi router? Read how: 

Which features to check out while buying a new Wi-Fi pocket router?

Today, there is large number of Wi-Fi pocket routers available to buy in market. For an ordinary customer, genuinely it becomes very difficult to find out his right option. 

Since the requirements vary from one buyer to other, the suitability for pocket router changes accordingly. So, a customer should follow some important guidelines/ get answers to below questions while buying such Wi-Fi equipments:

#1 Which type of Wi-Fi Router is most suitable for you?

Before opting for a small Wi-Fi hotspot, a buyer should be aware of different categories and specific features of pocket routers. I will not go in deep on this topic as I have already described it in one of my earlier posts (above link). In brief, the small pocket routers are broadly classified in two categories: – Pocket router with SIM – USB data card Wi-Fi hotspot devices 

Types of Pocket sized routers
Types of Pocket sized routers

Where the USB card based device can further be divided into Modem based Wi-Fi hotspot devices or USB data card with Wi-Fi hotspot enable option. Each type of device offers different features. But is it sufficient just to know about the kinds of Wi-Fi devices available to buy? No, rather there are many other considerable aspects pointed below. A buyer should not ignore them while buying his perfect Wi-Fi router:

#2 How many number of gadgets you can connect to?

More the number of devices can be connected to a pocket router the more better it will be. Generally, you can connect up to 1-4 wired and a number of Wi-Fi devices to an average router.

But some of them offer really more connecting ports at some extra prices. For instance, Action router from Verizon (around $59) can connect 4 PC by Ethernet and 24 PCs wirelessly. But for a large set up like offices, more connectors/ large routers should be preferred.

#3 Does the device is vendor locked/unlocked?

Notably, if a device is available at lower prices in compare to others, the chances for device lock with particular vendor are high. In such cases, using that device, a user does not have any option for switching to another vendor. So, it is highly recommended to check for an unlocked device even if someone requires spend little extra. It will give the user freedom for switching to other vendor and switching to better data plan in future.

#4 Have you evaluated the data plans offered by vendor?

Data plans from different service providers should be evaluated and compared before buying any Wi-Fi hotspot device. Before going for a new plan, you should decide whether to go for prepaid or a post-paid plan. You should go through minute details of each plan too.

#5 Which regions are covered by the router’s service providers?

Since no service provider can cover all the areas you visit so, a buyer should check the coverage area of your service provider first. Its coverage areas should include your travelling regions. Secondly, since not every Wi-Fi router is compatible with all service providers so, you should check the compatibility of Wi-Fi pocket router you opted, with the data plan you have adopt is necessary.

Wrap up

A buyer should also survey online stores to get the current Wi-Fi router options available in market. Today, large number of routers with innovative options and features are arriving to market. But some time, low quality of products come wrapped with gifts and hot offers on devices. So, it is necessary to buy only genuine and good brand products. Hope above tips will be helpful for you in buying your most suitable and perfect Wi-Fi Hotspot pocket router. If you like this, post share it with your friends too. Author’s Tip:To confirm if someone is misusing/ stealing your Wi-Fi router, just switch off all Wi-Fi and wired devices in your premises connected to your router and check its data LED. If it is still blinking, it means some unauthorized person is stealing your Wi-Fi.