How to choose the best tablet PC: Homework and market research

Are you looking for your most suitable expensive tablet? Without proper research and advice, you may choose an unsuitable device for yourself. So, do some homework and market research before buying an expensive model. In this post, you will get to know what initial preparation you need to do before buying your best tablet PC in market.

most suitable and best tablet
Little homework and market research can help you find your most suitable and best model

How to get your best tablet PC?

Before buying a tech gadget, a customer should do some homework and market analysis. You should first checkout your requirements and then go for on based market research. And finally move to purchase your right-choice. Here below we will go through both of these phases:

Homework and market analysis before buying a tablet

Requirement analysis is the first phase of buying a tech-gadget and it becomes most necessary when you are spending a handsome amount for buying any tech-gadget.

a) Doing homework

1. Determine your actual requirements

For making a requirement specification, you should consider over your actual requirements from device like official or personal use of tablet, mobility, working conditions and work load on device. If you require a computer just for your official meetings, you should search a device offering digital stylus with it. Its helps you taking notes in meeting. Similarly, if you work in harsh weather conditions, go for rugged one, and for higher workload, choose more powerful device rather than ordinary. A convertible tablet can also be a good option for more typing works.

2. Determine your purchasing budget

After determining requirements, you should check your purchasing budget also. Today, wide price ranged tablets are available in market offering different features and specifications. May be the model under your budget price range would not offering the features your require. In such condition, you would be required to synchronize your budget and portable computer’s specifications & features.

b) Market research

Before directly going to any retail store, you should do some market research on tablets or contact with your friends to get their advice. Sometime a good advice can prevent your wastage of money. 

1. Surf tablet PC’s details on internet

After specifying your requirements and budget, the first step should be doing some market research for choosing suitable device. You can do it easily on internet. Today, thousand of websites including provide not only specifications, features, prices but also reviews for the tech gadgets. You can check out good and not good for the top tablet PC you are thinking to purchase. This way, you can make a list of suitable models fulfilling your requirements under the specified budget. You can set a price range and look out best tablet PCs in this range.

2. Surf on Google Communities relating to tablets PCs

Besides this, you can also go to Google communities to get experts’ advice related to selected gadget. A new community user is required to have a gmail account and activated Google+. They can go to their Google Home Page and select Communities from drop down list of their home button. On your gadget’s relevant communities, the related links to the articles on your chosen tablet will help you getting more precise information.

3. Get your friends’ advice

Your friend circle can be another option for you to get better advice. Some of your friends may already be using the same gadgets under the same brand or series you have chosen to purchase. Ask them to share their experiences about those devices with you.


So, now you are ready to purchase you right device. You have your requirement specification, your budget range, and a list of models suiting you most. But is it enough to have this list? No, the question is how to isolate the most suitable and best tablet PC out of this list. For this, you will have to consider over specifications, features and some more issues too. Though I have already posted an article for selecting suitable phablet in market yet above specified homework and market research is also applicable for all tech gadgets, including phablets.  In my next post, I will cover how to determine the right specifications and features for your device to find out the right one for you. Till then keep tuned with us and share add us to your circle to get free updates of our posts at your email id.