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Best gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

Best gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

Your beautiful baby boy has turned one, and you are wondering what the best gift for a one year old boy would be, you are wondering what would pass as an ideal gift for boys aged one. Well, a lot of gifts fit that description, and we would be bringing them before you for your viewing pleasure and your son’s entertainment. Boys, even at this age, like to play and would need gifts or toys that offer just that and, at the same time, allow them to learn. 

Considerations choosing gifts for Boys

There are many awesome gifts to choose from. But in situations where you have to pick just one or a few, you have to tailor your requirements to suit your boy just fine. We have helped you outline a couple of such important factors you want to keep an eye on. They are:

Age: He has spent 365 days on this beautiful blue planet, but that does not make him any less of a baby. He is still fragile, and this should reflect on his choice of toy or gift. When shopping, you must consciously lookout for the age labels on the packages to know if it would fit him perfectly and if the gift is age-appropriate.

Dimensions: Most times, just factoring in the age would not do the trick. Often children of the same age have different weights and heights. So when you see a brand brandishing the one year old tag, you should check out the weight limits and other individual properties that might influence your baby boy’s experience with the product.

Play Area: Now you have an idea of what kind of toy would be ideal for your son, you know what size would suit him just right and what toy would be appropriate for his age. But what happens when you buy a toy that does not fit into his routine or yours. In a case where you end up buying a gift that uses up more floor space than you would like, you would end up putting that toy in storage more times than your baby boy would want. So you have a decision to make, an outdoor toy that can be as big as he would like, or an indoor toy that would engage him without taking too much floor space.

Safety: For children, this young, there is probably no factor more important than the safety of the intended gift. At this age, they do not know better, and with the beautiful colors these gifts come in, it is no surprise they mistake it for food and always wanna put it in their mouths. This is why gifts for your son have to live up to a certain standard, it must have little to no removable moving parts, and no plastic covering that might pose a choking hazard. Do not compromise safety for fun.

1-Year Old Gift

7 Best gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

Now that we have looked at what kind of gift to buy, what to consider when buying it, let’s look at the best gifts for one year olds you should buy. Here they are:

1. Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday

This exciting book is based on ‘Happy Birthday to You.’ This book is popular with most parents because it is highly interactive. In the book are bits that can be spun, touched, and even smelled. This makes it perfect for the most inquisitive of readers. The book is designed to capture their attention and immerse them in the beautiful experience with the elegant and yet simple design.

2. LeapFrog’s Stacking Elephant

This beautiful toy for children helps them improve their motor skills and, at the same time, learn the different colors, numbers, and the different shapes as they stack rings on this elephant’s trunk. And when he wants to stack all over, he squeezes the elephant’s tail to make it sneeze. As he plays and wants to enjoy interesting music, he only needs to push the button on the trunk. 

3. Vtech Dump Truck

This is not your everyday dumb truck, this one entertains and educates your son. You can push or pull the truck as it is lightweight, and the bucket rattles and the boulders in the bucket shake along with it. There is a special lever that allows your son to lift the bucket to dump the boulders. When he puts the boulders back in, you can hear the truck count them. This truck helps him identify the many beautiful colors. 

4. GUND Plush Sports Playset

Who says he can’t be Jack of all trades and a master of all. In this case, a master of all the sports. With the help of the soft sports set, he would be on the right track to conquering his favorite sports. In the duffel bag are a football rattle, soccer ball crinkle, baseball sound toy, and a basketball squeak toy. They are all lightweight, and be can easily moved about in the duffel bag. 

5. Fisher-Price Smart Puppy

The special feature about the fisher price puppy is that it grows with your baby. As your baby develops, this puppy teaches him fascinating things. The puppy is designed to teach him his first 100 words, which includes the different parts of his body. This intelligent puppy also helps with his ABCs and 123s. 

6. VTech Sports Center

If he needs a toy that allows him to score goals and shoot hoops, then you have got just the one. This gorgeous sports activity center will enable him to play both sports and has an LED counter that counts up to 10. It has buttons, pages, and gears that reach your son the different colors, numbers, and shapes. This is an awesome development toy for your cute one-year-old boy. 

7. Baby Boy Bodysuit 

Have your baby looking cute in this cute bodysuit for infants, perfect for your child or grandchild’s birthday present or party. It comes with stickers praising your baby, and it would, therefore, make a great photo shoot outfit for your baby too. Designed to have short sleeves and no long pants like other overalls, making it more comfortable for your baby to play in.