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Top Camping Sites Around The World

You can camp the conventional, thrifty way, or in case you’re feeling fancier, you can go the stylish glamping route. If you have that sort of cash, you should treat yourself to a hard and fast getaway. Whatever you have at the top of the priority list, we’ve gathered together a choice of the world’s most lovely camping sites to kick you off with your planning, whether it’s for a genuine vacation or just a wanderlust daydream and the best texas roofing service.

Best camping site in forest

Top Camping Sites Around The World

Yosemite National Park, California

Ninety-five percent of Yosemite National Park is assigned wild, which implies no cars, no structures, and no electricity. You can sleep under the stars and trek up to Glacier Point for a view of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, and Yosemite Falls. Ensure you store your food appropriately however as black bears are common there!

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Strategically placed only 75 miles from Washington, D.C., Shenandoah National Park makes for the ideal nature retreat. You’ll discover 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail and simply general tranquil, wild magnificence. You will end up climbing away the weekend among the recreation center’s many waterfalls.

Boya Lake Provincial Park, Canada

Boya Lake Provincial Park, famous for the color and clarity of its lake, is one of the awesome camping sites to appreciate any sort of water recreation. The lake is also one of the few in the north that is sufficiently warm to swim. The zone was cut out by glaciers, leaving numerous islands and lakes behind for modern campers to explore on the recreation center’s hiking trails.

Miyajima, Japan

The island of Miyajima is only a short boat ride far from Hiroshima. You can set up your tent here year-round, or rent a cabin. The island is spotted with temples if you like a little culture with your camping. However, the best part of staying on Miyajima is walikng among the domesticated deer that populate the island.

Beach camping site
Beach camping site

Camping Sites –  Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California

Renowned around the world, Big Sur, with its wide arrangement of camping sites, will undoubtedly make any camper happy. You will get the scope to set up your tent deep among the redwoods, stream side, or right by the sea.

The Isle of Arran, Scotland

The Isle of Arran is both beautiful and loaded with history — as in, it’s been inhabited since ancient times. The island has a wide variety of landscapes and seascapes, including rugged mountains and rolling hills. Campers can trek, sail, kayak, or cycle around the island.

Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Considered by many to be the most eye-catching shoreline on the planet (!), Flamenco Beach is by a long way the most well known in Culebra. You can set up your tent on the shoreline and spend the day snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. Aren’t you feeling tempted?

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Corcovado National Park is home to five percent of the world’s biodiversity — National Geographic portrayed it as the most “geologically extreme” spot on the planet. Camping is an extraordinary option for a visit to Costa Rica as you’ll be at the heart of the rainforest, far from the nation’s touristy resorts.

Haleakalā National Park, Hawaii

Situated on the island of Maui, Haleakalā National Park is home to the dormant volcano of the same name. Haleakalā is Hawaiian for “home of the sun,” and every morning, guests trek to the volcano’s summit to watch the sunrise. You can expect loads of stark volcanic scenes but rich vegetation as well as you climb through the park. In case you’re up for an adventure, consider a stay at one of the park’s two primitive wilderness campgrounds, only accessible by trail.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

If you’ve generally longed for safaris, Maasai Mara is the spot to go. The perfect time to visit this large game reserve is in the middle of July and October, when you can witness the yearly migration of Thomson’s gazelle, zebra, and wildebeest to and from the connecting Serengeti, in Tanzania. You can Camp on the banks of the Mara River and hang out with the local Maasai people, well-known for their distinctive customs and dress.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

It’s hot and dry there, but at the same time it’s extremely beautiful. After a camel trek along the vast desert, settle in under the stars of the Sahara sky in a traditional Berber camp. While you’re there, ensure you attempt your hand at sand boarding (like snowboarding, however on the sand dunes).

Yellowstone National Park, USA

Home to the world’s biggest accumulation of fountains, Yellowstone National Park is one of the only intact natural ecosystems on the planet’s temperate zone. With 67 types of well evolved creatures and 330 types of birds, Yellowstone is an incredible spot for wildlife viewing. Ensure you pack those binoculars before you take off for a hike.

How to choose the best tablet PC: Homework and market research

Are you looking for your most suitable expensive tablet? Without proper research and advice, you may choose an unsuitable device for yourself. So, do some homework and market research before buying an expensive model. In this post, you will get to know what initial preparation you need to do before buying your best tablet PC in market.

most suitable and best tablet
Little homework and market research can help you find your most suitable and best model

How to get your best tablet PC?

Before buying a tech gadget, a customer should do some homework and market analysis. You should first checkout your requirements and then go for on based market research. And finally move to purchase your right-choice. Here below we will go through both of these phases:

Homework and market analysis before buying a tablet

Requirement analysis is the first phase of buying a tech-gadget and it becomes most necessary when you are spending a handsome amount for buying any tech-gadget.

a) Doing homework

1. Determine your actual requirements

For making a requirement specification, you should consider over your actual requirements from device like official or personal use of tablet, mobility, working conditions and work load on device. If you require a computer just for your official meetings, you should search a device offering digital stylus with it. Its helps you taking notes in meeting. Similarly, if you work in harsh weather conditions, go for rugged one, and for higher workload, choose more powerful device rather than ordinary. A convertible tablet can also be a good option for more typing works.

2. Determine your purchasing budget

After determining requirements, you should check your purchasing budget also. Today, wide price ranged tablets are available in market offering different features and specifications. May be the model under your budget price range would not offering the features your require. In such condition, you would be required to synchronize your budget and portable computer’s specifications & features.

b) Market research

Before directly going to any retail store, you should do some market research on tablets or contact with your friends to get their advice. Sometime a good advice can prevent your wastage of money. 

1. Surf tablet PC’s details on internet

After specifying your requirements and budget, the first step should be doing some market research for choosing suitable device. You can do it easily on internet. Today, thousand of websites including provide not only specifications, features, prices but also reviews for the tech gadgets. You can check out good and not good for the top tablet PC you are thinking to purchase. This way, you can make a list of suitable models fulfilling your requirements under the specified budget. You can set a price range and look out best tablet PCs in this range.

2. Surf on Google Communities relating to tablets PCs

Besides this, you can also go to Google communities to get experts’ advice related to selected gadget. A new community user is required to have a gmail account and activated Google+. They can go to their Google Home Page and select Communities from drop down list of their home button. On your gadget’s relevant communities, the related links to the articles on your chosen tablet will help you getting more precise information.

3. Get your friends’ advice

Your friend circle can be another option for you to get better advice. Some of your friends may already be using the same gadgets under the same brand or series you have chosen to purchase. Ask them to share their experiences about those devices with you.


So, now you are ready to purchase you right device. You have your requirement specification, your budget range, and a list of models suiting you most. But is it enough to have this list? No, the question is how to isolate the most suitable and best tablet PC out of this list. For this, you will have to consider over specifications, features and some more issues too. Though I have already posted an article for selecting suitable phablet in market yet above specified homework and market research is also applicable for all tech gadgets, including phablets.  In my next post, I will cover how to determine the right specifications and features for your device to find out the right one for you. Till then keep tuned with us and share add us to your circle to get free updates of our posts at your email id.

How to buy the right Pocket sized Wi-Fi HotSpot router?

Do you know how to buy your most suitable Wi-Fi pocket Hotspot router? Read which features you need to check and ask from yourself and salesman on Wi-Fi Router store.

Pocket sized Wi-Fi HotSpot routers

Gone are the days when you need to use separate internet connections on every device for accessing internet. Today, we can use a small pocket router for connecting many Wi-Fi devices in a small office network or travelling outside. 

Hence a Wi-Fi hotspot device can be the best and affordable solution for any small set up. In future, such hotspot devices will play vital role while using internet connected driverless IOT cars also where different devices in cars will be connected together. But do you know how to buy your most suitable pocket Wi-Fi router? Read how: 

Which features to check out while buying a new Wi-Fi pocket router?

Today, there is large number of Wi-Fi pocket routers available to buy in market. For an ordinary customer, genuinely it becomes very difficult to find out his right option. 

Since the requirements vary from one buyer to other, the suitability for pocket router changes accordingly. So, a customer should follow some important guidelines/ get answers to below questions while buying such Wi-Fi equipments:

#1 Which type of Wi-Fi Router is most suitable for you?

Before opting for a small Wi-Fi hotspot, a buyer should be aware of different categories and specific features of pocket routers. I will not go in deep on this topic as I have already described it in one of my earlier posts (above link). In brief, the small pocket routers are broadly classified in two categories: – Pocket router with SIM – USB data card Wi-Fi hotspot devices 

Types of Pocket sized routers
Types of Pocket sized routers

Where the USB card based device can further be divided into Modem based Wi-Fi hotspot devices or USB data card with Wi-Fi hotspot enable option. Each type of device offers different features. But is it sufficient just to know about the kinds of Wi-Fi devices available to buy? No, rather there are many other considerable aspects pointed below. A buyer should not ignore them while buying his perfect Wi-Fi router:

#2 How many number of gadgets you can connect to?

More the number of devices can be connected to a pocket router the more better it will be. Generally, you can connect up to 1-4 wired and a number of Wi-Fi devices to an average router.

But some of them offer really more connecting ports at some extra prices. For instance, Action router from Verizon (around $59) can connect 4 PC by Ethernet and 24 PCs wirelessly. But for a large set up like offices, more connectors/ large routers should be preferred.

#3 Does the device is vendor locked/unlocked?

Notably, if a device is available at lower prices in compare to others, the chances for device lock with particular vendor are high. In such cases, using that device, a user does not have any option for switching to another vendor. So, it is highly recommended to check for an unlocked device even if someone requires spend little extra. It will give the user freedom for switching to other vendor and switching to better data plan in future.

#4 Have you evaluated the data plans offered by vendor?

Data plans from different service providers should be evaluated and compared before buying any Wi-Fi hotspot device. Before going for a new plan, you should decide whether to go for prepaid or a post-paid plan. You should go through minute details of each plan too.

#5 Which regions are covered by the router’s service providers?

Since no service provider can cover all the areas you visit so, a buyer should check the coverage area of your service provider first. Its coverage areas should include your travelling regions. Secondly, since not every Wi-Fi router is compatible with all service providers so, you should check the compatibility of Wi-Fi pocket router you opted, with the data plan you have adopt is necessary.

Wrap up

A buyer should also survey online stores to get the current Wi-Fi router options available in market. Today, large number of routers with innovative options and features are arriving to market. But some time, low quality of products come wrapped with gifts and hot offers on devices. So, it is necessary to buy only genuine and good brand products. Hope above tips will be helpful for you in buying your most suitable and perfect Wi-Fi Hotspot pocket router. If you like this, post share it with your friends too. Author’s Tip:To confirm if someone is misusing/ stealing your Wi-Fi router, just switch off all Wi-Fi and wired devices in your premises connected to your router and check its data LED. If it is still blinking, it means some unauthorized person is stealing your Wi-Fi. 

Solar smartphone charging station – how it works

In case, you run out of your cell phone battery, just send an SMS and get your battery instantly charged with solar power. Read about this very interesting future technology, which going to knock at your door, in coming days.

Solar power based remote mobile battery charging technology

Remote cell phone charging station

Just the way you get re-charge your prepaid mobile SIM, a new future technology is arriving to market, for allowing you to charge your battery, just by sending an SMS. This is an advanced solar power technology solution for the people, who usually travel outside of their home and offices and for the people, who live in off-grid. In future, such people can send a request message to a remote cell phone charging station, which in response will charge their system battery, instantly.
Also see: Google glasses – specs, features and basic operating steps.

How solar power station works?

This is a solar power based technology, where in a remote station, huge storage of solar energy will always be ready to charge users’ smartphone batteries. The technology is developed by the company – Buffalo Grid, which has already developed such a solar power cell phone charging station. This 60-watt power station gets automatically activated on receiving a charging request message, and in response, it starts re-energizing the mobile battery. The solar power panel energizes your system battery via a technique named as – Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). As per reports from ‘NewScientist’, the company has already conducted such experiments in Uganda. Solar technology is going to rock the market in coming days. Recently another company namely WeWi communication has announced a solar power based laptop – Sol that will come with 4 full sized solar charging panels and capable to run directly in sunlight even with removed solar batteries. 

Applications and future benefits of solar technology

  • – For now, the company has specifically designed this technology only for rural areas of Asia and Africa. This technique will be highly useful for the people living in the developing areas of these countries, where there is no electricity facility has been arrived, even now.
  • – In future, the technology will also be used for high hill areas and polar zones, where it is very hard to lay electric cables.
  • – The space station and future space travelling have already been planned to be powered up by solar technology.
  • – Remote charging of cell phone batteries by solar energy is just a start. Hopefully, in near future, we may also find our vehicles and boats fueled up with solar energy of remote solar plants. 

The last anticipated application is based on the theory of Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a genius scientist, who had given the idea of wireless communication and invented the actual electrical system know as alternating current (AC). In past, he wanted to charge vehicles, ships and other equipment by his electromagnetic generating tower. 
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Add Custom Author Box With Social Icons In Your Genesis Child Theme

Genesis a popular theme framework for wordpress. It is Fast, Lighter, and SEO friendly. Most of the Popular blogger used Genesis theme Framework on their website such as, etc.

In this article we are going to create / add a custom author box with social icons in our genesis child theme. Because its an important part of your Blog/Website. BTW Genesis Framework‘s has a default author box, But its pretty simple and kind of boring.  If you want to make it more eye catchy then either you require a plugin or you have to make your hand dirty with some coding. There are many Free Author Box Plugin available in WordPress Repository , Which let you customize the author box  according to your requirements. But If you want to customize the author box without any plugin, Then read this guide about how to  Add Custom Author Box With Social Icons In Genesis Child Theme Without Any Plugin.

[Genesis] How To A Add Custom Author Box With Social Icons

In this article I am going to use Font Awesome Icons to add social media Icons in Genesis. Because Font awesome icons are very easy to use and they are quite popular these days. There are several advantage of using Font Awesome Such as :

  • It’s a font
  • It’s retina ready and easy to style
  • It has a performance advantage

The process Of addition Of Custom Author Box In Genesis Require Below Mentioned Steps

  1. Enqueue / Integrate  Font Awesome Support For Your Child Theme Via script
  2. Adding Custom Social Media URL Fields In User Profile Setting
  3. Remove The Default Author Box From Your Child Theme
  4. Register/Add A new Author Box With Social Icons In Your Genesis Child Theme
  5. Styling The Author Box With CSS

1. )Enqueue / Integrate Font Awesome Support For Your Child Theme Via script

The first step to create a custom author box with Social Icons, We are going to enqueue the Font awesome script in our Genesis Child theme. So we can use the icons in our child theme.

To Enqueue or Add Font awesome icons you have to place the below snippet in your genesis child theme. there are two ways to add font awesome icons in your child theme:

Through Child Theme’s Local Directory

// Enqueue Font-Awesome Icons to Your Theme <From Local Directory>

add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'td_genesis_enqueue_styles'); function td_genesis_enqueue_styles() { wp_enqueue_style('fa', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/lib/css/font-awesome.min.css', array()); }

After adding the font awesome support in your child theme, lets move on to the next step.

2.) Adding Custom Social Media URL Fields In User Profile Setting

In this snippets we are customizing the social field in user profile section, after defining the custom meta fields, we will try to remove the default genesis author box and register a new custom author box in genesis child theme.

3.) Remove The Default Author Box From Your Child Theme

The below snippet will remove the genesis’s default author box from genesis child theme.

4.) Register/Add A new Author Box With Social Icons In Your Genesis Child Theme

The below code snippet adds a custom author box and define the author box layout . Also the code integrate font awesome icons with the equivalent social url.

Now you  have successfully created your custom author box with social icons. Now you have to style the Author box with css.

Add Custom Author Box With Icons

Complete Code To Add Custom Author Box With Social Icons In Your Genesis Child Theme

Add this code in your theme's functions.php


Editing a theme functions.php may break your theme. Try to put the code at the very end of the file to avoid that

6.) Styling The Author Box With CSS

Now you have to paste this code in style.css file to implement the customization. Make sure you copy /paste the whole code from the below Gist


Paste The code at the end of style.css

This is how you can add custom author box with social icons in your genesis child theme. But this is not the end you can customize it according to your will. The only limit is your mind. Do share your customization with us.

If you face any problem in the above code or you have any suggestion kindly drop us a comment below.